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About Me

Peter J. Csere

Peter began eating a plant-based diet in 2010, and shortly after, felt a strong calling to re-locate to the tropics, after beginning to experiment with a raw foods-based diet. After spending some time in Florida at Banana Sanctuary, learning the ropes of tropical permaculture, Peter teamed up with Jason Kvestad and Jay Yogi to form the community Terra Frutis (http://www.terrafrutis.com). In 2016, the time was ripe to expand, so they organized a group to purchase the land that would become Fruit Haven (http://www.fruithavenecovillage.com). Since then, both Fruit Haven and Terra Frutis have grown - in land, and in population. Now, Fruit Haven has several large properties owned by a large number of plant-based and raw vegan landowners, with community areas and personal homestead lots. Peter continues to encourage the development of similar raw vegan communities, focusing on permaculture and sustainability.

In addition to promoting community living for raw vegans to help secure a genetically healthy future for humanity, Peter also promotes economic literacy. His popular "doomsday portfolio" consists of gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, food-producing land in the tropics and subtropics, tools and technology, and social capital.